At Twine, we work with companies, nonprofits, and agencies to align business strategies and operational capabilities with people-centered design priorities. Through this approach, we are able to create a shared vision leading to superior experiences that are scalable and sustainable over time.

Hugh Graham, Principal
Hugh GrahamI have 20 years of experience in people-centered design. As a former Director of User Experience for The1stMovement and Sapient, my focus is on using people-centered research, prototyping, and facilitation to help organizations develop and implement innovative ideas. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients throughout North America, Europe and Asia, in industries including travel and tourism, healthcare, and financial services.
With a background in theater, I also do writing and speaking engagements on how narrative approaches lead to more effective design and development. Involvement in the arts and design community keeps me engaged and grounded in what’s current; I am co-chair of the DAM Contemporaries, a support group of the Denver Art Museum, and affiliated with the River North Art District (RiNo, rivernorthart.com) and Ironton Studios (irontonstudios.com). I live in the Highland neighborhood of Denver with Hadley Hooper and Maddie the dog.